It’s been seven hours and fifteen days since we walked to find a very nice place.
We went out many nights, we ate our dinner in fancy restaurants, but nothing, I said nothing can take away these blues, cause nothing compares to a place

–           Nice
–           Lovely
–           Pleasant


I strongly need to find enjoyable places, where I can stay in a happy atmosphere and in harmony with the people I love! I highly need warmth and cordiality also to “tune” with food, because for me they seem walking in parallel.

I believe that if you have creativity and passion for food, you will also have bluffness and carefulness for your guest.

I’m searching places where eating is a complete and concrete experience also lovely to be repeated.


I’m not talking about precious or bright rooms, but little table where you feel at home, comfortable with people and all the elements around you.

The real theme here is passion.

Without passion you can arrange services and perhaps even create experience for your customer, but in any case something is missing: the authenticity!

Without passion the experience will be good but not engaging, interesting, but not overwhelming.

The information given without passion will be like the yellow pages. Aseptic!

Without passion our way of being on the web will probably may be visible, but which reputation and trust can generate and ensure?

This blog is supposed to be a space for suggestion, in particular we would like to suggest you places heated by people who loves food … and PEOPLE too.

My last experiences convinced me that I can also suggest in a very little part of this post (hopefully helpful), places where I had unexpected experience or where I did not feel treated exactly like a welcome guest, but as one who happened to be passing there.

I cannot stay one minute more without talking to you about the funny, hilarious, messy situations I lived and that probably could help you to understand what kind of experiences would you like to have o to give to your friends.



Modern and technological restaurant where you can send your order directly through an I-pad and receive back your request in few minutes.

You will be surprised, because you will receive a military portion with basic food served in tin cup as if you are in trench. In my opinion it is expensive compared to what we had!


Seems to live in another efficient planet where you can be satisfied with pills and low carb!

Piazza Cavour 19-21 00193, Roma, tel. +39.06.6832077 info@frizzo-roma.com

BOCCA DI DAMA or “Waiting for WHO?”


We have been waiting to be told by someone where to sit.

We have been waiting for someone to clean the table (I would have done it on my own, I do it every day at home …).

In the end, we have been told by someone: “Sorry we are so slow because there’s a new girl here, who doesn’t know this job” wow! (could you be more elegant than this with a new girl just to justify mistakes done by a team? I’m sorry for you, poor girl!).

And also no fresh cakes!!!

  • Via Cicerone 53, 55 – 00193 Roma tel +39 06 32658082 (I’ve been here)
  • Via Arenula 17, 18 – 00186 Roma tel +39 06 68803136
  • Via dei Marsi 2, 4, 6 – 00185 Roma (and I’ve been here too)

I love their packaging

 Image ImageImage 

CORDOMANDEL – near piazza delle Chiesa Nuova


This little new restaurant decorated with furnishing and upholstery twenties, is always full of busy, stylish artists with black velvet jackets and red scarves, above all unshaven as requested from the last fashion standard, always connected with the world, whatsapping and twitting also with the nowhere!

Anyway, our name for booking could be confused with the one of a famous politician here in Italy and probably the waitress didn’t know who we really were. End of the story? We have been waiting there too! But with other four other people more or less thirty minutes before to be asked what we wanted! Could it be my karma for 2014? Such as “Wait to be safe!”


I loved the pumpkin served with melted cheese, pine nuts and “amaretti” (typical tasty dry biscuits) and probably I need to try something more, I think it is expensive compared to what we had, but I would give to this restaurant one more possibility to grow in my perception!

Via di Monte Giordano, 60, 00186 Roma 06 6880 2461

One more thing to complain:
Does it happen to you that sometimes you feel that some people are too much? Too much careful, too much on your left side to guide you to your table, to use the napkins, to cut the bread, too much asking how you are, if you like their so particular sauce for pasta, if the seats are ok …

In Italy we say that this is “Performance anxiety”!



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