Two years ago, we launched the ship and Fooderie happily sailed away into the horizon. We, the crew, felt we were living a fairy tale, until we struck the Bermuda Triangle. Thankfully we managed to sail our way through and out of it, however something changed…we’re still living that tale, but we definitely want to marry prince charming!

There was a time when we were staggering through the fog, in search of a sunny spot in the world of “tellable” food, a world that is turning around faster and faster, bringing out and grinding loads of fooders and food bloggers.
Those days are gone.


I mean, we finally realised that we needed and missed our fooders’ corner, our own place on the web where we could speak to the world – moving away from the common attitude of self-satisfaction of some  bloggers – and instead give a hand to people looking for good and reliable information on Italian products, all this in English language (or, better said, a metalanguage as much as possible close to it).
Ambitious as it may seem, only someone born and bred in Italy can do it! Blood will out!

We think Italians just don’t seem get it. If the idea is to widely promote Italian food you have to do it in English or not bother at all!! Ok, I might be a little too drastic but it’s the truth.
Most Italian food blogs are in Italian which means that if you don’t speak the lingo you will never be kept in the loop as to new eateries and new products. Obviously, you’ll surf the net looking for an English written blog on Italian food and voilà, you’ll find loads that are not written by native Italians!!!

To be pragmatic, it took us two long years to really open our eyes, look up to the polar star and find the way to the castle of the prince.

Given this little preamble, Fooderie has decided to take its blog into the future by writing only in English for all those English speaking Pizza/Pasta lovers out there.
Fooderie is therefore going to renew and reshape both its image and its contents, and we too are going to go through a major remake!!! A clearer mission based on three rationales that we like to refer to as the “TREE”, i.e. three E: English, Eataly, and Eaternet.


English stands for effective communication, Eataly for what and where to eat in Italy, and Eaternet for network of hungry followers from all over the world.

So, if you wish to view the world from the TREE, go climb it. We’re right on top!!

Peace & food my friends!!!

2 responses to “THE REMAKE OF FOODERIE

  1. And now…

  2. sounds a very good idea.
    Please go ahead!

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