Food Magic Quadrant

How many times we speak about cooking, food, wines and recipes? We talk at home, in our offices, with friends and sometimes it is the simplest matter to begin a conversation…


Why do Italian people talk so much about food? There are a lot of potential answers and each of them are persuasive. One of these is … we are Italian, we imagined spaghetti, pizza and mozzarella so we are worldwide food guru! It is true? Never!!! What would think French or Chinese people about their cooking? Like Italian people they think to represent the best cooking in the world!

In the last days I read this article from Time magazine listing the Gods of Food.
In this eminent list there are chefs, journalists, opinion leaders ecc…
Two questions arose….How many people of the list do I know? Personally I know only 4 people of 13… a little bit comparison to my enormous food ego!!!
How many Italian people are there in the list? Just one.

Not enough for Belpaese!

So please read the list and make the same test to understand your Gods knowledge…
What is the result? Is your Food familiarity increased?
Hit off Gartner Inc…where are you on Food Magic Quadrant?
And what is your personal list of Italian Gods of Food?


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