Paese che vai, pranzo che trovi

As an Italian, I’ve always found peculiar, special and at the same time strange our “Italianity”.


I’ve always been impressed and interested discovering the rich and surprising diversity that each Italian brings with himself, starting from the language. For example, did you know that Italians say Sink in five different ways: Lavandino, Acquaio, Lavabo, Lavello, Lavamano? Did you also know that each Italian uses just one of these five words, depending on the region they come from? Oh my goodness!!  Please Italy, make it easy! This is only a place to wash your hand in!

Often this can be quite confusing for Italians so I can imagine that it could be the same for all non Italian enthusiastic visiting or living in Italy.

Now please, let me carry  on with my questions: You are in Italy, what can you do when you are here?

You can start by visiting Naples and Rome and then you can go to Florence or you can stay a few days in Bologna. I can suggest visiting Milan and last but not least, don’t forget Venice.

During your journey, I’m sure you will be amazed by the many different languages (dialects), sounds, buildings and landscapes you will encounter in so few days and kilometers.

There are many reasons explaining how different we are and we will have time to talk about it, but in general this is due to our history and to our geographical position.


New kings, old queens, eternal popes, invasions, wars, forever changing laws, mountains, sun, seas, snow, rain all cohabited  together in an enormous kaleidoscopic environment reflecting its power in art, literature, society and, as a consequence, in traditions and religion.  Looking at the everyday life of Italians, such kaleidoscope expresses itself also through family and friends too. Regional cooking, tastes and products are different and unique in each part of the country. The flavors are as unique as all Italian regions, a combination of recipes, inventions  and genious!!.

Each food/product is a little tale about the story of its region or its town. It tells all about the product that grew on a particular land, on the ingredient that a family could afford, on the techniques used to keep and store food.

Thousands of tales passed on by aunts and grandmothers have become Italy’s outstanding regional cuisine.

How exciting it will be to discover all those precious recipes and the story they unravel!

“Buon viaggio “


8 responses to “Paese che vai, pranzo che trovi

  1. Question: don’t you find Rome’s food offer rather boring and pretty much disappointing lately??!! I mean, other than a few well known places that offer top quality food and service, what is there really new and unmistakably delicious out there? Don’t you find that most places offer the same old menu over and over again? If you are a tourist visiting Rome for the first time it’s ok but if you either live or or travel to Rome regularly it’s a different story.

    I look forward to reading any comment/opinion you may have.

    • Even if you stay only in traditional roman food you have a lot of things to taste. It is a wide world full of new aspects. I hope to be bored beacuse it means I taste everything

      • I love italian food and I love italian creativity. I love cooking too! I often don’t know nice places for lunch or pizza, here in rome and I’m not able to find a good guide with recent information about what’s new. Can anyone help me?

      • Amelie do you know Felice in Testaccio? See the next post on this restaurant. You can read official guide like Gambero Rosso but sometimes you will not agree with it…

      • Dear fooderie, many thanks for your update. I’ve never been in this restaurant, but I’m plannig with my friends to go there next Friday. I’ll let you know our experience with cacio e pepe.

      • We wait for your comments!!!

  2. Hi LIzzy, totally agree with you – I dont go out much as its the same old same old and the restaurants love doing the foreigners. Bring on some other flavours and colours ie Indian (great one at Axa) – at least they treat you better!

  3. Sometimes I really believe that you are right and I often bored, like you, about the usual image that Italians give to foreign people.
    It seems an old stereotyped picture named “The Way We Were” (we can also sing it …), but I can tell you that there are many different places that you could appreciate in Rome, near the center, helpful also to discover an unknown city.
    I also believe that there are not the place to be missing, but the information for the new places.
    All you can See or Do or Eat in Rome is shared only with Roman and not to All The People that, for many reason, stay in Rome.

    I think that “The renaissance of fooderie” (just to be a little more … Italian) could answer sometimes to your question.

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