In the last  fifteen years Italy has developed  a new drink trend. Not wines or soft drinks… beer. Handmade beer to be precise. This trend is now at a mature stage  and Italian towns &  cities  are full of small breweries with  nice and tasty offers. Teo Musso is one of the pioneers of this trend . It all started in the  Langhe region where he comes from  (Piedmont) and now it’s a big thing  in Rome too.  Open Baladin, is Musso’s brewery and probably the best one  in  Rome’s city center  offering a wide range of italian, german, belgian and british beers.


If you are in Campo dei Fiori or Ghetto and you need a break  from your roman tour, keep away from touristy restaurants and go to Open Baladin nicely tucked away in a little alley (although now more and more popular). It’s  the right place to chill out!!

We strongly recommend open Baladin’s  wonderful fresh main courses.  The  hamburgers are Italian style: homemade using the best quality products. There is great care in choosing the right bread, cheese, bacon and meat (fassona meat).


Open Baladin is the perfect place to stop for a few hours and enjoy good beer and food before setting off to discover Rome.


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